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Kempsville High Schoo 




High School 

The history of Kempsville High School can be traced back for a num- 
ber of years, the first school being known as Kempsville Academy. This 
school was moved to several places, until the present grammar school was 
built in 1910, with a staff of three teachers. 

The present school was built in 1924, with Mr. T. C. Anderson as prin- 
cipal and a faculty of four persons. During the first year of the school, 
both the Student Council and Kempsvillian were begun, and they have con- 
tinued until the present time. Kempsville is the only school in the county 
that can boast of such a record. 

Throughout its history Kempsville is proud of the athletics offered. 
Both the girls and boys basketball teams were started in 1924, and they 
have been a great credit to the school, having won county championships 
many times. In 1937 football was offered to the students of the high school, 
making the athletic program include baseball, track, football, and basket- 

In the 16 years of its existence at its pre.sent site, the school has made 
great strides in the realm of education. The curriculum is constantly be- 
ing improved and enlarged, and the faculty has grown from four to fifteen. 



Those of Its who have been associated 
irith the Seniors of lOH have experienced a 
distinct pleasure and a satisfaction in assist- 
ing these young ladies and i/oung men in at- 
taining many of those nolile qnalities of onr 
generation of tomorroir. Se)riors, you are 
challenged to develop further with each suc- 
cessive year your physical, mental, social and 
spiritual resources until you receive the high- 
est attainment possible. You can achieve 
greatly through a clear and powerful urge to 
accomplish something notable, through a 
superior persistence and through marked 
faith in yourself. You have the very best of 
u:ishes for your success. 

Frank L. Fentress 


Frank W. Cox 


A. B., William and Mary Col- 
lege; M. A., University of Vir- 
ginia ; Principal of a High School 
in Giles County for six years; 
Principal of Oceana High School 
for four years. 

Frank L. Fentress 


Attended William and Mary 
College for two years, North 
Carolina State for three years, 
summer school at University of 
Virginia for one year, M. A., 
Columbia University; Principal 
of the Court House School for 
four vears. 


Frank Fentress 

Elizabeth Kicklichter 


Harris Moore 

Elnora Overi.ey 

John Roberts 


Lucy Gary Ruffin 

Mildred Tayixjr 
Hist 01 ji 

Shirley Wolfe 
Secietary to Principal 


Calendar of Events 

September 5 — School opened 

October 16 — Holiday due to registration of draftees 

October 24 and 25 — Carnival Queen, Louise Johnson ; King, John Williams 

November 1 — Won Deep Creek game 

November 11 — Armistice holiday 

November 13 — Seniors gave mimeograph machine to school 

November 21 and 22 — Thanksgiving holiday 

November 29 — Played Culpeper for eastern title 

December 13 — Home Economics Play 

December 19 — School Bond issue voted on 

December 20-January 6 — Christmas holidays 

January 28 — First term ends 

February 22 — Dance given for Culpeper 

March 5 — County championship won by girls and boys 

March 7 — Mr. Roberts awarded F. F. A. prizes 

March 13 — Miss Watterson becomes Mrs. Kicklighter 

March 22 — Construction on new school begun 

March 28 — Turn-about Minstrel and Fashion show. 

April 2 — First game of baseball season won 

April 4 — Musical festival in Richmond 

April 8 — Pictures were taken for annual 

April 11-14 — Easter holidays 

April 17 — Literary and track events at William and Mary 

April 18 — Home Economics girls went to Washington 

April 23 — Senior forum 

April 25 — Senior play 

May 2 — Junior-Senior banquet 

May 9-10 — State track and Literary events at Charlottesville 

June 1 — Baccalaureate sermon 

June 3-4-5 — Final exams 

June 6 — School closes. 



Senior Class 


President Herbert Brady 

Vice-President Norman May 

Secretary Louise Gibney 

Treasurer Katherine Eaton 

Miss Helen Eddy Sponsor 



•'Claud y" 
Never to be forgotten For- 
ward, will make an excellent 

A (iroU, attractive intiivid- 


A dash of laughter, a pinch 
of common-sense, and mix 
well with conveisation. 

Hollow to her toes plus a 
happy-go-lucky attitude. 


Inquisitive, seems to have 
an unlimited amount of en- 



Our brisk and energetic 
future chemical engineer. 

Unassuming, amazing oth- 
ers by her caustic comments. 


None her equal in basket- 
ball, matching it with a pleas- 
ing personality. 



Brilliant with unplumbed 



A person you'd like to 

Graceful as a dancer and 
as a person. 

Argumentative, interesting 
in a unique way. 

Sincerity her keynote. 

Cryptic remarks plus dra- 
matic talent. 

A spring time every year 
you, once in a lifetime. 

An embryo successful pri- 
vate secretary. 


Brown eyes that speak, en- 
sembles that arouse envy. 

An unaffected, up-to-the- 
minute nurse. 

Artless and amiable, once 
her friend always her friend. 



Good-natured contractor t( 
be, ever ready to help. 


The stage his chosen work, 
rightly so. 


"Little I'lj" 
Well-informed and diplo- 
matic, two qualities that con- 
stitute a banker. 


Warm - hearted, sensible, 
and lyrical. 


-Bob May" 
Takes life's problems and 
pleasures in her stride. 



A irrown-up leprechaun. 

Business-like in manner 
adding to this an unsuspect- 
ed touch of comedy. 

Irresistible giggle coupled 
with domesticity. 

('ompetent and level-head- 


Every task efficiently com- 


A likeable, temperamental 

Bustling energy, sports his 
reeond nature. 


Shouldei's responsibilities 
in an unassuming way. 

••S<ni<i fiddler" 
Evei- ready to help another. 

D r a m a t i c, never-ending 


Farming his forte. 

"Dottee Jane" 
Talks mile-a-minute, the 
teaching profession hei' aim. 

A singular person possess- 
ing dry wit. 


Creator of Kenipsville 


Good-natured, and an in- 
cessant tease. 


Mont Original 
Bob Garrene 

Best All Aroioid 
Herbert Brady 

Must hitellectiial 
Elmore Lewis 

Best Looking 

John Williams 

Louise Gibney 


Last Will and Testament 


E, the Senior Class of lil41, ol" Kempsville Hiuh School, in the County of 
Princess Anne, in the State of Virginia, hereby draw up, ordain, and 
establish this our last will and testament, disposinij of all property we have 
accumulated during our four enjoyed years in high school and revoking 
any other will made by us at any other time. 

Item 1: We leave to the class of li)42 our intelligence, dignity, and ability to lead the 
underclassmen through a successful year. 

Item 2: To the faculty, we leave our blight and useful suggestions so that in years to 
come teaching will be much easier for them. 

Item ;i: Lothai- Rieder leaves to Fiances Hallance his reducing diet in hope that Fanny 
will take heed and have a slim and beautiful figure. 

Item 4: Mary Bartee leaves her appetite to Evelyn McKowii so that there will be no 
scraps left back in the Home Economics Deiiarliiient. 

Item 5: "Bill" Robishaw leaves to the slow and careful driver, Granville Giay, the 
ability to turn a corner without speeding up in hopes that some day he will turn 
a corner with all 4 wheels. 

Item (5: To "Gary" Griffith, Katherine Eaton leaves her basketball ability, on condition 
that she can still lay on the floor half the game and hold the opponents down to a 
zero score. 

Item 7: "Tiny" Robishaw leaves his chemical ability to "Doe" Hardy so that he too 
might become a successful chemist as Tiny has proven to be. 

Item 8: The quiet unconcerned Ruth Saiiford leaves her dignified laugh to Julia 

Item 9: "Tony" Ewell leaves his love for^chool work to !\hiry Moore so that she may 
benefit as much as he has. 

Item 10: To Claude Bates and Page Haverty, Elizabeth Singleton leaves her ability 
to dance because she wishes for them to catch up on the latest rhumba steps. 

Item 11 : "Bob" Garrene leaves his little mouth to Arline Frizzel so that the teachers 
and students will not have to listen to her blow off all the time. 

Item 12: Herbert Brady leaves to (ioidon Oliver his track shoes with the hope that 
"Gordy" not only will win the district track meet but also Gary's heart. 

Item 13: Virginia Jordan bequeaths her pleasingly stout figure to Evelyn Martin in 
the hope that it will help her to get to Hollywood. 

Item 14: Theodore Waters leaves his witty comebacks to Lewis Johnson providing he 
doesn't keep people laughing during class period. 

Item 15: Marie McClain wills her seriousness to the happy-go-lucky Doris Young and 
Margaret Parsons. 

Item 1(5: Harold Bell leaves his baseball ability to James Peterson and Granville Lynch 
provided they don't fight over the ball out on the field. 

Item 17: Norwood Shirley bequeaths his golden locks to Norma Taylor in hopes that 
the men will be attracted by her beauty in later years. 

Item 18: Doris Ives wills to Irene Rieder her basketball ability that she may win a 
K next year. 

Item 19: To John Creekmore goes Elmore Lewis' mental ability so John won't have 
to study next year and yet come out on top. 


Last Will and Testament — (Continued) 

Item 20: Lillian LonEwoith and Anna Hill leave their sinRing ability to Isabelle Jen- 
dricks that she may sinn' in a night club in years to come. 

Item 21 : Garland Smith wills to Bill Kennedy his knack for creating disturbance in 

Item 22: Margaret Green leaves her shy and retiring nature to Estelle Pierce and 
Ethel Moritz, hoping they will not abuse it. 

Item 23: To Oneida Kilman, Claudia Albertson leaves her ability to get her man and 
hold him. 

Item 24: Irene Barrett leaves her slow southern drawl to Vivian Keating. 

Item 25: Ray Barnes bequeaths his sense of humor to "Kitty" Growling so she won't 
lose her temper .so much. 

Item 26: Isaac Gottlieb leaves his achievement in sports to "Betty" Lewis. 

Item 27: Kenneth Lassiter wills his daik Clark Gable mustache to the romantic S. T. 

Item 28: To Louise Ambrose, Louise Gibney wills her method for disposing of fi'eckles. 

Item 29: Esther Brown bequeaths her date books to Chauncy Krahenbill that he may 
have more success with his dates. 

Item 30: Evelyn Hargiove wills to Mildred Burford and DeKoven King her quiet 

Item 31: Kathleen Greenlee leaves hei- dramatic ability to Hilda Ricks providing she 
doesn't over do it. 

,Item 32: John Williams wills his road map to Robert Webb so he will be able to get 
around in Glen Rock. 

Item 33: Rose Heffington leaves her cheerleading ability to Lois Lee considering she 
takes advantage and wins a letter. 

Item 34: Paul Large bequeaths to Joe Parron his grim determination. 

Item 35: Norma May leaves to Dan Grain his "fags" in order that he will have some- 
thing to -skip assembly for. 

Item 36: Barbara Makinson bequeaths to Eunice Roseberry and Vivian Jones her 
ambition to loaf in study hall. 

Item 37: "Dottie" Jane Smith leaves her typing ability to Dan Makinson and Katie 
Fisher, on one condition, they don't win all the pins in typing. 

Item 38: Ruth Munden leaves her sweet disposition to the quiet Joe Barrett and 
Andrew Moseopolis that is, if they don't take it to heart and win all the girls 
around school. 

Item 39: June Bodnar leaves to Charles Ambrose and James Lowry her quiet and calm 

Item 40: Estelle Jones wills Elizabeth NucUols and Dorothy Parker her bashful ways 
so well? 

Item 41 : To Louise Bibb, Frances Price leaves her flashing brown eyes. 

Hereunto have we set our hand and seal, knowing that all provisions herein pro- 
claimed arc unalterable and indisolvable. 

Signed. Elizabeth Mast. Testator. 










President Claude Bales 

Vice-President Page Haverty 

Secretary Norma Taylor 

Treasurer Irving Hardy 

Sjxnisov Elnora Overley 

Charles Ambrose 
Louise Ambrose 
Frances Balhuice 
Joe Banett 
Claude Bates 
Louise Bibb 
Mildred Burford 
June Chenoweth 
Dan Crain 
John Creekmore 
Kitty CrowIinK 
Katie P^isher 
Arline Frizzell 
Cecil Frizzell 
Granville Gray 
Gary Griffith 
Irving' Hardy 
Pajre Haverty 
Isabell Jcndricks 
Lewis Johnson 
Vivian Jones 
Vivian Keating 
Bill Kennedy 
Oneida Kilnion 
DeKoven Kinjr 
Julia Kovach 

Chauncey Krahenbill 
Lois Lee 
Betty Lewis 
James Lowery 
Granville Lynch 
Dan Makinson 
Evelyn Martin 
Evelyn McKown 
Mary Moore 
Ethel Moritz 
Andrew Moscopolis 
Elizabeth Nuckols 
Gordon Oliver 
Dorothy Parker 
Joe Parron 
Marj;aiet Parsons 
Irene Reider 
James Peterso7i 
Estelle Pierce 
Samuel Thomas Pledger 
Hilda Ricks 
Eunice Roseberry 
Noima Taylor 
Robert Webb 
Doris Yount? 


Sophomore Class 


i\Iiss Taylor 

Mr. Roberts 

Section A Officers 

President Dick Albertsou 

Vice-President Dorothy Rosebeny 

Secretary Evelyn Maxwell 

Treasurer Norman Wicks 

Dick Albertson George Parron 

Rebecca Alderman Jack Parron 

Ruth Bennett John Rockey 

Robert Borte Dorothy Rodgerson 

Joyce Brinkley Dorothy Roseberry 

Antelia Byriini Gwendolyn Ruggles 

Neil Charland Irene Te'bault 

Jack Clausen Elwood Trueblood 

Dorothy Drummoud Dorothy Williamson 

Billy Duplain Margaret Wiser 

Alice Eichelberger Doris Wolfe 

Clarence Felts Norman Wooldridge 

Harold Gibbs 

Gladys Hartrrove 

Jack Hoffman 

Paul Horner 

Melvin Hughes 

Benson Ives 

Corinne King 

James Kirby 

Irving Land 

Doris Lowery 

Evelyn Maxwell 

Horace Moore 

Frances Moyer 

Doris Murden 

Otis Nixon 

Alice Oliver 

James O'Neal 

Section B Officers 

Presidetit David Robishaw 

\' ice-President George Holland 

Sec. a}id Tiecis John Hardy 

John Baum 
Cecil Bradley 
Kenneth Bi-oun 
Bonney Flannagan 
George Halstead 
John Hardy 
Richard Hildebrandt 
George Holland 
Stuart Ives 
Rufus Jordan 
Wilfred Large 
Dick Mattox 
Ernest Minor 
Charles Parsons 
David Robishaw 
Aden Scott 
Harold Spruill 
Morrison Walker 
Vernon Wilson 
Moses Gottlieb 
James Bland 
Vivian Cook 
Frances Ellis 
Edith Gottlieb 
Katherine Robbins 
Shirley Varus 
Marguerite Drummond 
Mary Bowman 
Charlotte Williams 


Freshman Class 

Mrs. E. Kicklighter Mr. H. C. Moore 


Section A 

f'resklent Louise Johnson 

}' ice-President Charles Robishaw 

Sec. tnid Treas Helen Kiff 

Wesley Baum 
Betty Lee Beard 
Beverley Bennet 
Marilyn Burton 
Wallace Carter 
Elaine Charland 
John Cook 
Horace Curling 
Mary Dewberry 
Evelyn Garrene 
Alvin Glans 
Mildred Goodwin 
Thelma Goodwin 
Katherine Hall 
June Hardy 
Margaret Hargrove 
Wanda Harman 
Doris James 
Kathleen Johnson 
Louise Johnson 
Helen KiflF 

Janie Kirby 
George Kirkwood 
Eleanor Land 
Eunice Land 
Alice Manning 
Maylon Mathias 
Nathaniel McClanan 
Frank Miller 
Barbara Nelson 
Elizabeth Parsons 
Frances Patterson 
Floyd Rawls 
Kathryn Rhodes 
Charles Robishaw 
Kathryn Sanders 
Patricia Skaggs 
Alice Shipp 
Anne Swain 
Bedford Tate 
Robert Turner 
Pauline Wallace 
Mattie Webb 

Section B 

Ftenident Frank Nuckols, Jr. 

Secretary Rudy Felts 

TrcasKrer Charles Parker 

Russell Bass 
Author Bodner 
Rudy Felts 
Cecil Halsey 
James Hughes 
Barron Humphries 
Randolph Ives 
Russell Miller 
Raymond Mountford 
Edward Norge 
Frank Nuckols, Jr. 
Charles Parker 
Joseph Rockey 
Edward Rodgers 
Herman Sawyer 
Loyd Sawyer 
Raymond Spright 
Robeit Turner 
John Wagner 
Harold Watson 
Edward Wiser 
Lewis Yon 


Seventh Grade 

Miss Quinn 


President Catherine Barnes 

Vice-President Betty Lou Housam 

Secretary Mary Rhodes 

Treasurer Joe Bell 

Louise Ambrose Ralph JusUn Mary Rhodes 

Catherine Barnes Marie Key Margaret RidRewell 

Jack Bass David Kirby Dewey RodKcrson 

Joe Bell Sally Land Katherine Savage 

Lucy Blackniore Doris Large Marie Savage 

Amos Bontrager Lorraine Lee Shirley Scott 

Betty Brown Audrey Marr Helen Singletary 

Herbert Cl'oss Howard Mathias Doris Thomas 

Lyda Dunn Helen Mathias Frances Thurman 

Glen Glans Charles Mills Thoman Turner, Jr. 

Billy Harrell Fay Moore Barbara Varady 

Doris Harrison Odell Murphy Robert Weaver 

David Hildebrandt Nathional Nottingham, Jr. Edward Webb, Jr. 

Betty Lou Housam Earl Parker, Jr. Joe Weeber 

Betty Lee Jones Charles Rawls Elsie Yodcr 

Walter Jones Gerald Reid Galen Yoder 


Senior Prophecy 

426 Massachusetts Ave., 
Washington, D. C, 
April 27. 1951. 
Dear Gary : 

I ran across Doris Lee Ives in front of the Capitol Building', last week and we spoke 
of the good old days, back at Kempsville High. She is Roosevelt's private secretary, 
since he stalled his fifth term and, as I understand, she is well suited to her job. On 
that same afternoon, I saw Estelle Jones and Marie McCIain who were in town for the 
Nurse's Convention, here. Elizabeth Singlton is a successful nurse, here and her fiance 
is chairman of the National Boy Scout Movement. 

It is really surprising how many Kempsvillians are now in Washington. Evelyn 
Hargrove is Assistant Editor of the Washington Post and it was only yesterday that I 
read in her paper that Kenneth Lassiter is preparing for a Violin Recital at Carnegie 
Hall, in New York, next week. 

Barbara Makinson was in town last month, to report her finding nf a new element, 
which will put her in line for the Nobel Prize in Science. 

Do you remember Garland Smith? His ambition was to be a mechanic and it w'as 
exactly one year ago that he applied for a patent for his new type airplane. If you 
recall, it was in that plane that "Tiny" Robishaw set the new World's record with his 
non-stop flight around the World. It seems that "Tiny" persuaded Elmore Lewis, who 
is now a banker on Wall Street, to back him, financially. Incidently, June Bodnar is 
Elmore's secretary. 

Oh yes, my dear, and isn't it amazing how Herbert Brady worked up to the rank 
of General in the Army .<o quickly? 

When I was in New York City, the last time I decided to go down to Macy's Base- 
ment and was I surprised to find Rose Heffington in charge of the sales department, 

I hear that Lillian Longwoith and Louise Gibney are both successful nurses at the 
Norfolk General Hospital. Remember me to them if you should chance to meet them, 

Do you lemember Bob Garrene? Well, he is back in St. Louis earning his living 
for himself and his lovely family as a machinist. 

Have you seen Frances Price lately? Is she still secretary at Ames and Brown- 
ley's? I heard that Anna Hill also does office work for that concern. I am happy to 
know that Margaret Green is Sales Manager at Rice's Department Store, downtown in 

Have you seen Esther Brown since she has been stenographer in the State Capitol 
at Richmond? I understand that Ii'ene Barrett is also at the State Capitol. She is the 
Governor's private secretary. 

Write soon and tell me the news concerning all our old friends. It's a bad policy 
to forget the ones that did so much to make your life so happy at school. 

Yoths sincerely. 


Senior Prophecy — (Continued) 

Lynnhaven, Virginia, 
May 13, 1951. 
Dear Vivian: 

So glad to receive your ever-welcome letter with its interesting news, concerning 
our old friends. 

As far as news goes, I'll bet I have a bit that hasn't reached Washington, as yet. 
"Tony" and "Kitty" Ewell are the proud parents of a handsome set of twins, Boys, to 
take care of their lovely two year old girl. "Tony" is a Lieutenant-Commander, now, 
and is expecting a new commission at any time. 

Elizabeth Mast, who began her career as the Girl's Coach at our dear old Alma 
Mater was married, last week, to you know who, in Bayside. Mary Bartee, who teaches 
Home Ec, at K. H. S. was the Maid of Honor. The Bride's trousseau was designed by 
Virginia Jordon at her dress shop, where she employs Ruth Munden. 

Bill Robishaw, who owns the Robishaw Model Dairy Farm has recently laid plans 
for several new buildings, to add to his evei-expanding enterprise. The contractors for 
his latest venture are Kathleen Greenlee and Paul Large. 

Lothar Rieder has a contract for the new Kempsville High School, the foundation 
of which has just been laid. Mr. Reider's books are kept by little Ruth Sanford. 

Norfolk has certainly impioved hei- Communications System since Theodore Waters 
opened up his gigantic Bus Terminal. Ray Barnes is his illustrious business manager. 

The Williams family (John, Claudia and the six kiddies) were an exceedingly 
prosperous looking group when I happened to see them at Church, last Sunday morning. 
John's vegetables must be marketing exceptionally well. 

I went down to have my glasses changed, a few days ago and who should appear 
to wait on me but Isaac Gottlieb, who is manager of D. P. Paul's. 

Can you imagine, Vivian, "Droop" May is still trying to get through V. P. I. He's 
such a patient .soul. 

Harold Bell really does know his machines. He is the highest paid employee at 
the Naval Base. 

Dorothy Moore is doing very well for herself, it .seems, as she has a fine position at 
the Seaboard Air Lines. 

Norwood Shirley has made a remarkable business out of the training he received 
at Kempsville. His fertilizer factory is known the Country over and we should well be 
proud of him. 

Every country has its patriots and it shall not be said that K. H. S. has not pro- 
vided .some of them. For example, Dottie Jane Smith, who had a fine position in Rich- 
mond has given it up to come and teach the High School students, in the new school, 
when it opens, we hope, in September. 

Hoping this letter finds you and yours, well and happy, I remain, 

Vt';j/ shicerelii yoiim. 



Kemhisco Staff 

Editor Evelyn Hargiovo 

Assiiciote Editor Irving: Hardy 

LUeritri/ Editor Barbara Makinson 

Art Editor Arline Frizzell 

Pliotot/riiither Mildred Burford 


Activities Editor Dorothy Smith 

Sports Editor Irene Rieder 

llitsiiiess Myr Norman May 

Asst. fliisiiiess Mgr Oneida Kilnion 

S])ovsor Miss Elnora Overley 

Irene Barrett 

The publication of the Kemhisco is one of the most anticipated events 
of the school year. From October until May there is a continuous succes- 
sion of pictures being made, snapshots entered, write-ups turned in and 
many worried sessions of the staff. 

We of the staff had but one objective — to give you a book — which will 
keep alive the memories of a year which has passed all too quickly. 

Cooperation and the ceaseless efforts of all who assisted have made 

this second volume of the Kemhi.sco possible. 


Student Council 


President James Robishaw 

Vice-President Irene Rieder 

Secretary Elizabeth Mast 

Treasurer John Williams 

Louise Gibney Senior Representative 

IrvinK Hardy Junior Representative 

DeKoven Kinp; Junior Representative 

John Hardy Sophomore Representative 

Doris Wolfe Sophomore Representative 

Frank Nuckols Freshman Representative 

Wesley Bauni Freshman Representative 

Edward Webb Seventh Grade Representative 

The Student Council first became active in Kempsville the year of 
1935-36. The council consists of students of the high school. They are 
elected by the student body for the ijurj^ose of setting rules for school 
morale. With representatives from all classes of the high school to help 
the principal succeed in this, the students would adopt and carry out rules 
better. Four members are selected from the Senior class. The President, 
Secretary, and Treasurer are selected from these four ; three are selected 
from the Juniors with one selected as Vice-President. One is selected from 
each of the Sojihomore and Freshman classes. 


Student Patrol 


Captain Norwood Shirley 

Lieutenant Joe Barrett 

Lieutenant Kenneth Lassiter 

Sponsor Mr. Moore 

Eight years ago the Student Patrol was established as a service or- 
ganization under the sponsorship of the Tidewater Automobile Associa- 
tion. Its primary purpose has always been to promote safety; that is, to 
protect life and property among students and faculty. This year the boys 
have cooperated in doing a job thai they feel has been done well. 

Members: Ray Barnes, Harold Bell, Moses Gottlieb, Page Haverty, George 
Holland, Stuart Ives. Lewis Johnson, Chauncey Krahenbill, Dick Mat- 
tox, Ernest Miner, Andrew Moscopolos, Horace Moore, Gordon Oliver, 
Bill Robishaw, Robert Webb, Vernon Wilson, Garland Smith, David 

1^ m^ 

1 1 J 

J i J 

J i J 

i i J 

i J J 







Monogram Club 


President James Robishaw 

Vice-President Irving Hardy 

Secretary Irene Rieder 

Treasurer Oneida Kilmon 

S))ou.<ior . Mr. Moore 

Members: Claudia Albertson, '39; Dick Albevtson, '40; Charles Ambrose, Asso. ; Claude 
Bates, '40; Ray Barnes, '40; Irene Barrett, '41; Harold Bell, '40; Herbert Brady, 
'39; Esther Brown, '41; Mildred Burford, '41; Marilyn Burton, '41; John Creek- 
more, '40; Kitty Crowling, '41; Katherine Eaton, '38; Gary Griffith, '40; George 
Halstead, '41; Irving' Hardy, '39; Page Haverty, '40; Melvin Hvighes, '40; Louis 
Johnson, '40; Oneida Kilmon, "40; DeKoven King, '40; Lois Lee, '41; Doris Lowery, 
'41; Granville Lynch, Asso.; Barbara Makinson, '41; Dan Makinson, '40, Eliza- 
beth Mast, '39; Dick Mattox, '41; Norman May, '40; Ernest Miner, '41; Gordon 
Oliver, '39; Alice Oliver, '41; James Robishaw, '38; Bill Robishaw, '40; David 
Robishaw, '41; Irene Rieder, "39; Lothar Rieder, '38; Dorothy Roseberry, '41; Dor- 
othy Jane Smith, '40; Robert Webb, '39; John Williams, '39; Vernon Wilson, '40; 
Doris Wolfe, '41; Coach Helen V. Eddy; Coach Harris C. Moore. 

The Monogram Club, one of the oldest and strongest clubs in school, 
awards athletic K's to those students who excel in the various sports. 


Page Literary Society 

President Katheiine Eaton 

Vice-President Barbara Makinsim 

Secretary Gary Griffith 

Treasurer Doi'is Ives 

Sponsor Miss Lucy C. Ruffin 

Poe Literary Society 

President Elizabeth Singleton 

Vice-President Alice Oliver 

Secretary Mildred Burford 

Treasurer Mildred Burford 

SjxDisnr Miss Louise Copeland 

The Page ond Poe Literary Societies have achieved great success for 
the several years they have been in organization. There are various activi- 
ties in which the students can participate; namely, public reading, spelling, 
debating, and public speaking. The literary contests which are held every 
spring are sponsored by the Societies. 

Members: Claudia Albertson, Irene Barrett, Mary Bartee, John Baum, Kenneth Broun, 
Mildied Burford, Kathciine Eaton, Louise Gibney, Gary Griffith, Granville Gray, 
George Halstead, Evelyn Hargrove, Doris Ives, Estelle Jones, Virginia Jordan, 
Vivian Keating, Oneida Kilmon, Julia Kovach, Betty Lewis, Elmore Lewis, Lillian 
Longworth, Barbara Makinson, Elizabeth Mast, Dick Matto.x. Mary Moore, Ethel 
Moritz, Alice Oliver, Gordon Oliver, Irene Rieder, James Kobishaw, Elizabeth 
Singleton, and Doris Young. 


4-H Club 


President Dick Mattox 

Vice-President David Robishaw 

Secretary and Treasurer Doris Wolfe 

Reporter _ Alice Oliver 

Sponsor Mrs. E. Kicklighter 

Mombeis: John Baum, Weslfy Hauni, Kenneth Bioun, .Mihlred Buiford, Edith Gottlieb, 
George Halstead. John Hardy, Geoisre Holland, Isabelle Jcndricks, Betty Lewis, 
Dick Mattox, Ethel Moritz, Horace Moore, Alice Oliver, Gordon Oliver, Charles 
Parker, Georfre Parron, Joe Parron, David Robishaw, John Rockey, Doris Wolfe, 
and Doris Youn<r. 

The 4-H Club members are a wide awake group of boys and girls who 
are keenly interested in the opportunities offered by rural life. 

Each member of the club has a project which he takes care of at home. 
The various projects offered are: poultry, home beautification, crops, live- 
.stock. and gardens. 

Every member strives to make his project a prize winning one and to 
live up to the motto. To Make The Best Better. 


Home Economics Club 


President Dorothy Moore 

Firat Vicc-Prrsidcut . Louise Gibiiey 

Second Vice-Presidoit Lillian Longworth 

Secretary Margaret Green 

Treasurer Kvelyn Rlaxwell 

Sponsor Miss Copelaiid 

Menibt'is: Ruth JMundeii. Louise Gibney, Lillian Lonpworth. Marie McClain. Elizabeth 
Singleton, Margaret (Jreen, Louise Ambrose, Evelyn Garrene, Pauline Wallace, 
Estell Pierce, Doris Young. Frances Price. .Marguerite Drummoiid. Frances Ellis, 
Margaret Hargrove, Barbara Nelson, .\lice Shipp. Katheriiie Robbins, Glailys Har- 
grove, Dorothy Rodgerson, Evelyn Ma.wvell, Irene Tebault, Vivian Cook. Ruth Ben- 
nett. Corinne King. Esteile .Jones. Vivian -Jones. Hilda Kicks, Dorothy Drumniond. 
Frances Mouer, .^rlene Frizzle, Elizabeth Mast, .Alaiy Bartee, Charlotte Williams, 
Doris Munden, Dorothy Moore, Virginia .lordon, .June Chenoweth. Ruth Sanford. 

The Home Economics Club has completed many successful projects 
during the year. A play entitled "The Life of a Girl", which was present- 
ed by the members of the Club and Home Economics Classes. This ])la\" 
revealing the life of the average American girl was given twice. 

Several banquets have been jilanned. prepared and served by the girls 
this year; Father and Sons Banquet for the F. F. A. boys and their fathers, 
a Ruritan Banquet, and a Mother and Daughter Banquet in honor of the 
girfs mothers. 

A wonderful tri]) to Washington, D. C. was enjoyed by the members 
this spring. Among the sights seen were the cherry blossoms. Mount Ver- 
non, the Capitol, Federal Buildings, and the Washington Mcnument. 

Last Hallowe'en for the annual P. T. A. Carnival the gym was made 
gay and colorful with streamers, witches, and goblins by the untiring ef- 
forts of the girls. 

The Club plans to send several delegates to the F. F. A. and Home 
Economics Camp at Morgart's Beach this summer. 


Library Club 

President Norma Taylor 

Vice-President Julia Kovach 

Secretary Mildred Burford 

Treasurer Evelyn Hargrove 

Sponsor Miss Lucy C. Ruffin 

The Library Club has achieved great success for the two years it has 
been in organization. Its purpose is to make the students more book con- 
scious. As for the students, they have received great encouragement upon 
the new books which have been added to the library this year. 

Mildred Burford 
June Chenowith 
Gary Griffith 
Evelyn Hargrove 
Gladys Hargrove 
Doris Ives 
Corinne King 


Julia Kovach 
Lillian Longvvorth 
Marv Moore 
Ethel Moritz 
Dorothy Rodgerson 
Dotty Jane Smith 
Norma Taylor 

Doris Young 
Moses Gottlieb 
George Halstead 
DeKoven King 
Dick Mattox 
David Robishaw 


Future Farmers of America 


President Norwood Shirley 

Vice-President Gordon Oliver 

Secretary Dick Mattox 

Treasurer Chauncey Krahenbill 

Watch Dog Wesley Baum 

Advisor Mr. J. G. Roberts 

The F. F. A. was organized at K. H. S. more than seventeen years ago. 
It is a service organization designed chiefly for the training of rural boys 
to become leaders in their respective communities. 

Members: John Baum. Wesley Baum, .James Bland, John Cook, Bonnie Flannai;an, 
Mose.s Gottlieb, (ieor>re Holland, Melvin Hutrhes, Barrow Humphries, Randolph Ives, 
Stuart Ives, Geortre Kirkwood, Chauncey Krahenbill, Wilfred Larfre, Dick Mattox, 
Ray McClain, Horace Moore, Otis Nixon. Gordon Oliver, Samuel PledRer, Aden 
Scott, Norwood Shirley, Harold Spruill, Bedford Tate, and Vernon Wilson. 


Dramatic Club 


President Herbert Brady 

Vice-Pyenident Louise Gibney 

Secret ury Virginia Jordan 

Treasurer DeKoven King 

Sjwiisoy Miss Taylor 

During the season of 1940-1941 the Dramatic Club has given two pro- 
ductions. The fall production was a burlesque melodrama entitled "Dirty 
Work at the Crosswords" with a heroine in distress, a villain that was 
hissed, and trueblue Harold, the hero. The Spring production was "Op-o'- 
Me-Thumb" a one-act play of a .scene in an English laundry about 1902. 
Vivian Keating and Gordon Oliver had the leading roles, with Gary Grif- 
fith as Celeste. Other parts were played by Alice Oliver, Alice Manning, 
and Mildred Burford. The play was presented at William and Mary and 
was awarded second place in the contest. 

Altogether the season was a very successful one. 


Irene Baiiett Isaac Gottlieb Kenneth Lassiter 

Mary Bailee Granville Gray Barbara Makinson 

Herbert Brady Gary (hiffith Alice Manning: 

E.><ther Brown Iivinjr Hardy Elizabeth Mast 

Mildred Burford Evelyn Hargrove Frank Nuckols 

Catherine Duplain Estelle Jones Alice Oliver 

Katherine Eaton Virginia Jordan Gordon Oliver 

Rudy F'elt.« Vivian Keating Elizabeth Singleton 

Louise Gibney DeKoven Kine 




President , Irving Hardy 

Vice-Presideiit Herbert Brady 

Secretary-Treasurer Louise Gibney 

"Triimjiet" "Orchestra Bells" "Saxophoue" 

Herbert Brady Catherine Duplain Kenneth Brown 

Jack Clausen Shirley Varus Harold Gibbs 

George Halstead . ,. „ „„ „ 

"Accordian Drums 

"'^'ii'l't'" Granville Gray Marilyn Burton 

Kenneth Lassiter „ Gwendolyn Ruffgles 

Doris Wolf Trombone 

Louise Gibney Irvinpr Hardy 'Horn 

Walter Jones ^ , „ Gary Griffith 


■■Pifun,-' Mr. Felix Hardin "Clariuel" 

Elizabeth Nuckols John Henry Hardy 

Alice Shipp Sponsor William Harrell 

Mr. Harris Moore 

Our orchestra under the leadership of Mr. Moore and under the direc- 
tion of Mr. Hardin has been a credit to our school. 

In the month of December the Orchestra held a concert at Court 
School. This Club has furnished music for entertainments held at the 

At the Annual State Music Festival the orchestra made a very good 
showing by placing fourth. 

Next year we hope to have a band organized. This will arouse music 
interests in many students. 


The Kempsvillian Staff 


Aiiinld Ewcll Edifor-iii-Chief 

Kvi'lyn Hai-grove First I'nye Editor 

Barbara Makinson Editorial Page Editor 

Noinian May Sport I'af/e Editor 

Kathciino Eaton Back Page Editor 


Ray Barnes Business Ma)iager 

Ht'ibcit Brady ,... Axuixlniil Manager 

Dekoven King Assintant Manager 


IiciH> Barrett . Manager 

Mattiu Webb Assistant Manager 

Front Page — Norma Taylor, Betty Lewis, Chauncey Krahenbill and Evelyn Maxwell. 
Second Page — Elizabeth Singleton, Moses Gottlieb, Dorothy Moore, Anna Hill and Garv 

S/iorl Page — John Creekmoie and Gordon Oliver. 
Bark Page — Doris Ives and Mildred Burford. 
Reporter at Large — Georjre Halstead. 


Gloria Barnes and Frances Price 


Mr. Frank L. Fentress and Miss Elnora Overley 

The Kempsvillian, the official student newspaper, was founded in 1925, 
is published monthly by a staff made up of students under the supervision 
of Miss Overley. The staff is selected by the senior members. 

The air and purpose of the staff is to present a true picture of all 
phases of school life condensed into four pages. 

For the past two years the Kempsvillian has won first place in the class 
"C" schools of Virpinin. This was m^de possible by the cooperation and 
diligence of each individual of the staff. 





Glee Club 


President Elizabeth Nuckuls 

Piauistfi Doris Harrison and Elizabeth Nuckols 

Director Miss Susan Quinn 

The Glee Club is the child of an organization that has been in long 
standing a reputation of activity and musical excellence. We base this 
latter assertion on the record established at the State-wide Music Festival 
last year, and its splendid renditions in its spring: recitals. In the i)ast the 
Glee Club was composed entirely of female voices, and boasts an active 
membership comprising fifty students. The fluctuation may be partly at- 
tributed to the inclusion of Seventh grade pui)ils. The direction of the club 
and its music is created by Miss Susan Quinn. 

The purposes of the Glee Club are to provide music for the .school, 
to promote interest in choral music and harmonic rendition of voices, and 
to provide a medium of self and group expression through vocal training 
in group participation. 

It has been the goal of the director to enlarge the .scope of group sing- 
ing, and to give specific training in sight-reading. These two needs .seemed 
to be the more e.ssential in the high school. Stress has been laid on musical 
interpretation, harmonic perfection, and a geiniine love for choral and 
cla.ssic music. 


Shuttersnappers Club 


President Louise Gibney 

Vice-President David Robishaw 

Secrito)-)/ (i»d Treasurer Evelyn McKown 


Hotty Lee Fieard (leoige Halstead Dick Mattox 

Ray Beasley Maig-aret Aiiiie Hargrove Evelyn McKown 

Beverley Bennett George Holland David Robishaw 

Kenneth Brown John Hardy Kathryn Rhodes 

Kathleen Greenlee Bill Kennedy 

Louise Gibney Betty Lewis 

Striving for quality rather than quantity the Shuttersnappers Club is 
composed of hard working truly ambitious students. To learn better 
methods of taking pictures and to practice the rudiments of elementary 
photography has been the aim of these picture conscious lads and lassies. 
Work in the dark room has become a very interesting as well as educa- 
tional hobbv for manv. 


Alma Mater 

Our high school friendships soon must sever. 
And fade as does the dying day. 
Our closest bonds must all be broken, 
As through this world we u-e)id our way. 
But yet, whatever be life's fortune. 
Though friendships fail and friends go by. 
We'll love thee still our Alma Mater, 
Our dear old Kempsville High. 




Captain Lois Lee 

Co-Captain Barbara Makinson 

Irene Barrett 
Marilyn Burton 
Doris Lowry 
Eunice Roseberry 


4-3-2-1, 1-2-3-4 

Who for? What for? 

Who are you goin' to yell for? 

K. H. S. 


Salt, Pepper. Sugar, Cream, 

Come on Kempsville, beat that 

We take 'em big, We take 'em 

We've got the team that takes 
them all. 


Ferryboat, Ferryboat, 
Steam, Steam, Steam. 
Blue Devil, Blue Devil, 
Team, Team, Team. 
Shake up the fire 
Shovel on the coal 
Kempsville Hi, 
We want a goal. 


Football Squad 

"Tiny" Robishaw Quaiteiback 

"Termite" Brady Halfback 

"Fisty" Bates Halfback 

"Dopey" Wilson Fullback 

"Flute" Haverty Center 

David Robishaw Ritrht Guard 

Dan llakinson Left Guard 

"Toar" Rieder Left Tackle 

"Bill" Robishaw Left End 

"Droop" May Ritrht End 

"Billy" Caton Left End 

"Nuby" Creekmore Ri^ht End 

Jack Clausen Right Tackle 

Lewis Johnson Halfback 

"Andy" Moscopolis Fullback 

"Billy" Duplain Left Guard 

Cecil Frizzel Left Tackle 

Isaac Gottlieb Rijrht Tackle 

Charles Robishaw Right Tackle 

John Cook Left End 

"Doc" Hardy Trainer 

DeKoven King: Trainer 

George Halstead Manager 

Norman May Co-Captain 

"Tiny" Robishaw Co-Captain 

"Mickey" Moore Coach 

This season was the most successful in the history of the team. After 
only four years of football they took the tidewater class "C" Championship 




Holv Trinity 


Maury J. V. . 








Churchland ... 



Deep Creek ... 



Wilson J. V. . 





Deep Creek ... 



Culpepper .. 




Girl's Basketball Team 

Alice Oliver, gr., 1 
Gary CirifFith, n'.. 2 
Katheriiie Eaton, g., 4 
Elizabeth Mast, f., 3 
li-ene Rieder, f., 3 
Claudia Albertson, f., 3 
Kathleen Johnson, g. 

Joyce Hrinkley, f. 
Mattie \Vebb,"K. 
Ann Swain, R-. 
Vivian Cook, k. 
Dot Koseberry, f., 1 
Doris Wolfe, fi., 1 
Mildred Burford, f.. 1 

Kitty Crowlint;, 1'., ] 
Esther Broun, i;., 1 
Dorothy Jane Smith, g., 2 
Louise Johnson, f. 
(iloria Barnes, Manager 
Helen Eddv, Coach 
Shirley Wcilfe, Asst. Coach 


Boy's Basketball Team 

Gordon Oliver, g., 2 
John Williams, g., 3 
William Robishaw, c, 2 
Irving Hardy, f., 2 
James Robishaw, f., 1 

Melvin Hughes, 1'. 
Page Havertv, g. 
Neil Charland. c. 
David Robishaw, g, 
Charles Robishaw, 

Dick Mattox, trainer 
DeKoven King, Manager 
Harris Moore, Coach 



Bill Robishaw 
Granville Gray 
DaviJ Robishaw 
John Crefknioie 
Herbert Bradv 

Track Team 

Andrew Moscopolos 
Norwood Shirley 
Page Haverty 
Irving: Hardy 
Neil Charland 

Lothar Rieder 
Cecil Frizzell 
Gordon Oliver 
Bob (larrene 
Paul Cross 

Norman May 
Horace Moore 

Dick Mattox, Mgr. 
Harris Moore, Coach 

Horace Moore, c. 
Irving Hardy, p. 
William Robishaw, ] 
Page Haverty, c. 
Vernon Wilson, p. 
Melvin Hughes, ss. 
Norman May lb. 

Baseball Team of 1939-40 

Robert Webb, lb. 
Harvey Nash, cf. 
John Williams, If. 
Harold Bell, 2b. 
Joe Barrett, rf. 
George Fingleton, 3b. 
Roger Fingleton, cf. 

Gordon Oliver, 3b. 
"Dick" Albertson, ss. 
"Bill" Duplain, ss. 
Andrew Moscopolos, rf. 
"Pig" Absolom, If. 
James Parron, rf. 
Irving Hughes, 2b 

H. C. Moore. Coach 

Cleon Harrell, Mgr. 

Granville Gray, Asst. 
Mgr. and Trainer 




Senior Statistics 

ALBERTSON, CLAUDIA LOUISE: '38 Basketball, Glee Club, Page 
Literary Society, Shuttersnappers ; '39 Basketball, Softball, Page Literary 
Society; '40 Basketball, Page Literary Society, Softball; '41 Basketball, 
Home Economics Club, Senior Play. 

BARNES, RAY E.: '38 Glee Club, Page Literary Society; '39 Student 
Patrol, Page Literary Society; '40 Student Patrol, Monogram Club; '41 
Business Manager Kempsvillian Staff, Student Patrol, Monogram Club. 

BARRETT, IRENE VIRGINIA: '38 Glee Club, Page Literary Society; 
'39 Glee Club, Shuttersnappers, Page Literary Society; '40 Page Literary 
Society, Shuttersnappers, Kempsvillian Staff; '41 Page Literary Society, 
Dramatic Club, Kemhisco Staff, Cheerleader, Monogram Club, Kempsvil- 
lian Staff, Senior Play. 

BARTEE, MARY .JOSEPHINE: '38 Glee Club, Shuttersnappers, Poe 
Literary Society; '39 Glee Club, Shuttersnappers, Poe Literary Society; 
'40 Glee Club, Shuttersnappers, Poe Literary Society; '41 Shuttersnappers, 
Poe Literary Society, Dramatic Club, Home Economics Club. 

BELL, HAROLD DIXON: '38 Page Literary Society; '39 Student 
Patrol, Shuttersnappers; '40 Student Patrol, Baseball; '41 Student Patrol, 
Monogram Club. 

BODNAR, JUNE CHRISTINE: '38 Glee Club, Page Literary Society; 
'39 Glee Club, Page Literary Society; '40 Glee Club, Library Club; '41 Glee 
Club, Home Economics Club. 

BRADY, HERBERT PRENTICE: '39 Dramatic Club, Monogram 
Club, Page Literary Society, Orchestra, Football, Basketball, Track ; '40 
Dramatic Club, Monogram Club, Orchestra, Football, Basketball, Track, 
'41 President Dramatic Club, Monogram Club, Vice-President Orchestra, 
Kempsvillian Staff, President Senior Class, Senior Play. 

BROWN, ESTHER: '38 Glee Club, Shuttersnappers, Page Literary 
Society; '39 Page Literary Society; '40 Page Literary Society; '41 Basket- 
ball, Page Literary Society, Home Economics Club, Dramatic Club, Mono- 
gram Club. 

EATON, KATHERINE: '38 Basketball, Page Literary Society, Glee 
Club, Shuttersnappers, Monogram Club, Secretary-Treasurer Freshmen 
Class; '39 Basketball, Page Literary Society, Shuttersnappers, Secretary- 
Treasurer Sophomore Class, Monogram Club; '40 Basketball, Page Liter- 
ary Society, Treasurer Junior Class, Monogram Club; '41 President Page 
Literary Society, Co-Captain Basketball Team, Home Economics Club, Page 
Editor Kempsvillian Staff, Monogram Club, Dramatic Club, Treasurer 
Senior Class. 

EWELL, ARNOLD: '39 Literary Society, 4-H Club; '40 Student Pat- 
rol, 4-H Club; Kempsvillian Staff; '41 4-H Club, Editor Kempsvillian, Lit- 
erary Society. 

GARRENE, ROBERT J.: '38 Shakespeare Club, Ice Skating Club, 
Roller Skating Club; '39 Shakespeare Club; '41 Weight Events in Track, 
Senior Play. 

GIBNEY, LOUISE VIRGINIA: '38 Glee Club, Poe Literary Society, 
Shuttersnappers; '39 Glee Club, Poe Literary Society, Shuttersnappers; 
'40 Shuttersnappers, Dramatic Club, Orchestra; '41 President Shutter- 
snappers, Dramatic Club, Home Economics Club, Orchestra, Secretary 
Senior Class, Poe Literary Society. 

GOTTLIEB, ISAAC: '38 Poe Literary Society, Glee Club, 4-H Club; 
'39 Poe Literary Society, 4-H Club; Glee Club; '40 Dramatic Club; '41 Dra- 
matic Club. 


Senior Statistics — (Continued) 

GREEN, MARGARET LOUISE: '38 Glee Club, Page Literary So- 
ciety; '30 Glee Club, Page Literary Society; '41 Secretary Home Economics 

GREEN EEE, KATHLEEN: '41 Page Literary Society, Shuttersnap- 
pers, Senior Play. 

HARGROVE. EVELYN LOUISE: '38 Glee Club, Poe Literary So- 
ciety, Vice-President Freshmen Class ; '.39 Glee Club, Poe Literary Society, 
Treasurer Sophomore Class; '40 Glee Club, Poe Literary Society, Library 
Club, As.sociate Editor Kemhisco, Kempsyillian Staff; '41 Treasurer Libr- 
ary Club, Page Literary Society, Editor Kemhisco, Page Editor Kemps- 
yillian, Dramatic Club. 

HEFFINGTON. REBECCA ROSE: '38 Poe Literary Society; Glee 
Club; '39 Glee Club. 

HILL, ANNA MAE: '38 Poe Literary Society, Glee Club; '39 Poe 
Literary Society, Glee Club; '40 Kempsvillian Staff, Glee Club; '41 Kemps- 
villian Staff, Glee Club. 

IVES, DORIS LEE: '40 Secretary Page Literary Society; Kempsyil- 
lian Staff, Secretary Junior Class; '41 Dramatic Club, Page Literary So- 
ciety, Library Club. 

JONES, CLARA ESTELLE: '38 Poe Literary Society, Glee Club, 
Shuttersnappers ; '39 Poe Literary Society. Glee Club, Shuttersnappers; 
'40 Poe Literary Society, Glee Club, Dramatic Club; '41 Poe Literary So- 
ciety, Glee Club, Home Economics Club, Dramatic Club. 

JORDAN, ETHEL VIRGINIA: '38 Glee Club, Poe Literary Society; 
'39 Glee Club, Poe Literary Society ; '40 Glee Club, Poe Literary Society, 
Dramatic Club; '41 Dramatic Club, Home Economics Club, Poe Literary 

LARGE, PAUL MORTIMER: '38 Poe Literary Society. F. F. A.; '39 
Poe Literary Society, F. F. A.; '40 F. F. A. 

LASSITER. WILLIAM KENNETH: '38 Poe Literary Society, Glee 
Club, Orchestra; '39 Poe Literary Society, Glee Club. Orchestra, Student 
Patrol, Shuttersnapjjers, Dramatic Club; "40 Poe Literary Society, Or- 
chestra. Student Patrol. Shuttersnaijpers, Dramatic Club; '41 Page Liter- 
ary Society, Orchestra, Lieutenant Student Patrol, Dramatic Club. 

LEWIS, UPSHUR ELMORE: '.38 Glee Club, Page Literary Society, 
Student Council; '39 Glee Club, Page Literary Society. Shuttersnappers. 
Student Patrol; '40 Page Literary Society, Shuttersnappers, Student 
Patrol; '41 Page Literary Society, Student Patrol. Senior Play, Valedic- 

LONGWORTH, LILLIAN FRANCES: '38 Glee Club, Poe Literary 
Society; "39 Glee Club. Poe Literary Society; '40 Glee Club; '41 Glee Club, 
Poe Literary Society, Library Club, Home Economics Club. 

MAKINSON, BARBARA MAY: '38 Glee Club. Page Literary Society ; 
'39 Glee Club, Page Literary Society, Shuttersnappers; '40 Kempsvillian 
Staff, Page Literary Society; '41 Dramatic Club. Monoirram Club. Vice- 
President Page Literary Society, Kemhisco Staff, Page Editor Kempsyil- 
lian, Cheerleader, Senior Play, Salutatorian. 

MAST. ELIZABETH DOROTHY: '38 Glee Club. Student Council, Poe 
Literary Society; '39 Glee Club. Student Council, Poe Literary Society, 
Monogram Club, Basketball ; "40 President Glee Club, Student Council. Poe 
Literary Society, Monogram Club, Basketball: '41 Secretary Student Coun- 
cil, Poe Literary Society, Home Economics Club, Dramatic Club. Monogram 
Club, Co-Captain Ba.sketball Team. 


Senior Statistics — (Continued) 

MAY, CHARLES XORMAN: '38 Poe Literary Society; '30 F. F. A., 
Football; '40 Monogram Club, F. F. A., Football, Baseball; '41 Monogram 
Club. Page Editor Kempsvillian, Vice-President and Business Manager 
Senior Class, Business Manager Kemhisco, Co-Captain Football Team, 
Senior Play. 

McCLAIX. THERESA MARIE: '38 Page Literary Society; Glee Club. 
4-H Club, Shuttersnappers; '39 Glee Club. Page Literary Society. 4-H Club. 
Shuttersnappers; '40 Glee Club, 4-H Club. Shuttersnappers; '41 Home Eco- 
nomics Club, 4-H Club. 

MOORE, DOROTHY MAE: '38 Glee Club, Page Literary Society; '39 
Glee Club. Page Literary Society ; '40 Kempsyillian Staff. Page Literary 
Society, Glee Club; '41 Glee Club, Kempsvillian Staff, President Home 
Economics Club. 

MUMDEN, RUTH LOUISE: '38 Glee Club, Poe Literary Society; '39 
Glee Club, Shuttersnappers; '40 Glee Club; '41 Home Economics Club. 

PRICE. FRANCES GENEVA: '38 Glee Club. Page Literary Society; 
'39 Glee Club, Page Literary Society; '41 Kempsvillian Staff. Home Eco- 
nomics Club. 

RIEDER, LOTHAR: '38 Poe Literary Society; '39 Track. Monogram 
Club. Football ; '40 Football. Track, Monogram Club. Discus Class C Cham- 
pion of Virginia; '41 Football, Monogram Club. Track. 

ROBISHAW. JAMES EDWARD: '38 Basketball. Tennis Champion 
for 3 Years; '39 President Sophomore Class. Football. Basketball. Baseball. 
Student Council ; '40 President Junior Class, President Monogram Club, 
Football, Basketball, Vice-President Student Council; '41 Co-Captain Foot- 
ball Team. Basketball. President Student Council, Monogram Club. 

ROBISHAW, WILLIAM J.: '38 Student Patrol; '39 Student Patrol; 
'40 Student Patrol, F. F. A., Baseball, Basketball. Track. Monogram Club; 
'41 Student Patrol, Football, Captain Basketball Team. Baseball. Track. 
Monogram Club, Senior Play. 

SANFORD, RUTH: '38 Glee Club. Poe Literary Society ; '39 Glee Club. 
Poe Literary Society; '40 Glee Club. Library Club; '41 Home Economics 
Club. Glee Club. 

SHIRLEY, NORWOOD: '38 Poe Literary Society, Glee Club, 4-H 
Club; '39 Poe Literary Society, Glee Club. 4-H Club, F. F. A. ; '40 Treasurer 
F. F. A., Student Patrol, 4-H Club; '41 President F. F. A., Captain Student 

SMITH, DOROTHY JANE: '38 Page Literary Society. Glee Club; '39 
Basketball. Glee Club. Page Literary Society. Shuttersnappers; '40 Basket- 
ball. Glee Club, Page Literary Society, Shuttersnappers, Monogram Club. 
Library Club; '41 Basketball, Kemhisco Staff, Glee Club, Monogram Club, 
Home Economics Club, Senior Play. 

SMITH, GEORGE GARLAND: '38 Page Literary Society. Glee Club; 
'39 Glee Club. Page Literary Society; '40 Shuttersnappers, Student Patrol; 
'41 Student Patrol. 

WATERS, THEODORE: '38 Page Literary Society; '39 Shuttersnap- 
pers; '41 Student Patrol. 

WILLIAMS, JOHN G.: '38 President Freshmen Class, Glee Club; '39 
Vice-President Sophomore Class, Basketball. Baseball. Monogram Club; 
'40 Vice-President Junior Class. Basketball, Baseball. Student Council. 
Monogram Club; '41 Treasurer Student Council; Basketball, Baseball. 
Monogram Club. 



Fitfti/ .V lie 

A Friend of the Editor 

Captain and Mrs. F. Rieder 

Dave Garvin 

C. Shneider 

Mrs. R. A. Barrett 

Marinello Beauty Shoppe 

Mr. Fentress 

A Friend of the 
Girl's Basketball Team 

Hale's Tourist Home 

Miss Overley 

Miss Eddy 

Lucy Gary Ruffin 

Mr. F. A. Trimble 

Miss Copeland 



Our Modem Equipment inid Experienced Faculty 


Qualify You in the Shortcut Possible Time 


Commercial and Government Positions To Be Filled This Year 

Call L. L. Kee for the Best Proposition in Norfolk 

Phone 41544 Suite 34r> Monticcllo Arcade 

(\nnjtfitiienff; of 

Johnson Grill 

Theatre Kkly. Virjiinia Beach 

O. F. Baxter & Co. 

Real Kstrtle, Reiitdls, 1 iimiraiice 
225 E. Plume St. Norfolk, Va. 

Ctnn itlitin'ii(.9 at 

Health Center Roller Rink 

Opoi Every Affernonn und Night 
9th and Cninby Sts. 

FIRM HAS eujoyed the jnivilege nf 
serving the stiideiitg of Keiniisville High 
School . . . first ill their undergraduate 
days, and later, as they found their place 
ill the liiiNiiiess life of oitr community. 


Norfolk, Virginia 
The Store for Men and Boys 

Conifiliiin'iiffi (tf 

Buster Stevens 

Lee Tire & Rubber Co. 

8i:}-815 Gianby St. 


W. Lee Norman. .Vniiager 

Phone 2G393 Norfolk, Va. 

Cniiijilinieiits of 

Hooven Co., Inc. 

.limmy T. Doyle, Mgr. 

( 'oiiij/liiiieiits of 


Optometrists and Jewelers 
146 Granby St. 237 Church St. 

Traylor Optical Co. 

Preneiiptio)! Oi)ficiaiiK 
115 College Place Norfolk, Va. 


Cinidy Headquarters 

The Oritrinal Cash and Carry 
Wholesale Candy Company 

llfi Bank St. Norfolk, Va. 


State Farm Mutual 

Motor Corp. 

Automobile Insurance Go. 

Bloominston, Illinois 

Floyd T. Deary, Ayeiit 

Phone 'J6-J Virginia Beach 

Authorized Sales and Service 


Phone Berkley 1181-1182 


Cotuidhnentfi of 

1200 Poimlexter St. 


South Norfolk Virginia 

Funeral Home 



Ideal Printing Co. 



Phone 27500 
227 Bank St. ' Norfolk, Va. 

Paxton Co.. Inc. 

Industrial and Marine Supplies 

64-66 Commercial Place 

Phone 22381 Norfolk, Va. 

William McC. Paxton 


1501 Colonial Ave. 

Compliinevfs of 

Norfolk Viijrinia 

Marr's Restaurant 

Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Best Wisheg of 

Commonwealth Building 


and Loan Association 

:514 Boush St. Norfolk, Va. 


Newton Florist, Inc. 

Compliments of 

Cornel- Boush Sti-oet 

131 College Place Dial 20609 

Seeley's Market 


Coin iiliineufy c/ 

1037 Church St. Phone 45018 



"Good Shoes Cheap" 

447-449 Church Street 



(Accredited) (For Girls) 


Seidell Aicade Phone 41287 Norfolk, Virginia 

Phone Berkley 57 

Green-Gifford Motor Corp. 

100.-! E. Liberty St. South Norfolk, Va. 

White's Beauty Salon 

Rhoda White, Proprietor 
Norfolk, Virginia 

Phone .39652 107 V^est 35th St. 

Berkley Feed Corp. 

Phone Berkley 385 

1219 Liberty St. Norfolk, Va. 

Compliments of 

Bochie Meekins 


Ideal Barber Shop 

104 W. Princess Anne Road 
Chesapeake Beach and Norfolk, Va. 

Comj)liinents of 

Dillion's Grocery 

Che.sapeake Beach 

Compliments of 


Lea's Esso Service 

Shore Drive at Chesapeake Road 

Sportsman Shop 

Norfolk Virginia 

Compliments of 

Hodge's Grill 

Phone 650-J-12 


^^ ^ 

Ci)iiiiiliiiiriitx nf 

Leon B. Basnight, Jr. 

Priest Radio Co. 

Service SpeciuUKis 
Phone 2(5271 1905 Colonial Ave. 

Cdinjiliinentu of 

Virginia Cleaning and 
Pressing Works 

Complimevts of 

Ewell and 

Carl W. Creekmore, Jr. 

Heiirfnentative for 

Cox Funeral Home 

King Floral Co. 

Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Flowers for All Ocraslovs 


Phone 4482G 

P. O. Lynnhaven, Va. 


Barry, Parks & Son, 

26 Selden Arcade 

Norfolk, Va. 


Coinjtletc Fill III lusuiaucc 


Phont 41358 

Compliments of 

Dr. Ezera Storm 


Coinplimenta of 

Bisese and Console 

Ralph ami Kaymond Ricks 

Fairmount Cleaners 

PhoiU' 21511 Instant Service 

Compliments of 

American Sheet Metal Corp. 

N'orfolk. Virginia 



Iff Deliver 

Soroko's Meat Market 


Home Killed Meats o Siiecialty 

Norfolk, Va. Phone 25088 

Phone 27077-8 

Meyers and Tabakin, Inc. 

"The Frieiidlif Fiiniitiire Stnie" 
246-248 Main St. Norfolk, Va. 

J. S. Bell, Jr., & Co., Inc. 

Norfolk Virginia 

Pinewood Hotel 

Viiginia Beach 

Cotnpliiiienfs of 

Johnnie Wood, Jr. 

Phone 1314 

Bartee Bros. Super Service 

Princess Anne Court House, Virginia 

Distributors of 


Between friends, nothing carries ijiiite .so much trarmth of feeling — 
is quite so personal — as the exchange of photographs. Wouldn't you like 
a neic one? 



Fuel, Feed and 

Building Supplies 


217 Seventeenth St. 
Phone 564 

Virginia Beach Virginia 

R. M. Gregory 


208 21st St. Phone 4 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

Colonial Oil Co., Inc. 

Distributors of 

Complimevts of 

Kempsville High Lunchroom 

Mrs. Jennie Wood, Dietitian 

^^^ "Let's get 


(^ ciiatuluitilioit^ uiiA 

The Franklin Printing Co. 

Newport N*wt, Virginia 


Norfolk Engraving Company 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Compliments of 


Compliments of 




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